Every BORN equipment delivers the following benefits:

Low Initial Cost

You will benefit from over 92 years of experience during which we have become the market leaders in designing the most economical heaters to your specifications. Our designs coupled with our worldwide procurement result in our being able to provide efficient heaters without sacrificing quality at competitive prices.

High Efficiency

Born heaters are designed to fit your specific requirements and achieve the very highest efficiencies obtainable. Where inlet temperatures are low enough, these high efficiencies can be achieved by the proper design of the convection section. In other cases, heaters are designed which recover heat from gas turbine exhaust or other available high temperature gases. Born has designed many heaters utilizing air preheat and have one of the only installations in the world with a single air preheater servicing two different heater services. Born has been the leader in designing heaters to save on the rising fuel costs long before the “energy crisis” became a common phrase.

Low Operating Cost

The counter-current flow of a Born heater reduces fuel costs while providing high efficiencies. Careful design and construction details keep operating costs low in a Born heater. Heat recovery units are installed in all types of services, including recovery heat, process preheat and air preheat.

Lower Maintenance Cost

Born heaters offer the lowest maintenance and upkeep costs in the heater due to their proven efficient design and material selection.

Uses Less Space, Easily Serviced

The compact design of Born Heaters, especially the vertical tube heater, offers high efficiency units where space is critical. Construction design of the heaters allows easy and quick servicing. The highly-trained Born technicians are available for any on-site services you may require.

Maximum Utilization of Fuel for Combustion

Born engineers are specialists in selecting the proper number, size and arrangements of burners for the very best combustion efficiency. This can be accomplished by floor firing, end firing, or side firing burners depending on the type of fuel to be burned.

Environmentally Sensitive

Born can supply heaters conforming to the most stringent environmental control standards, including noise, NOx and SOx, etc.