Our Innovations & Contributions

Born First, Born Leads!
BORN is the world’s leading authority in fired heater technology. It has been so for over 97 years since the inspirational and pioneering work of its founder, Dr. Sidney Born.

What is widely practiced today the world over related to fired heaters, originated from BORN. Our continued concentration on process heaters and furnaces for the petrochemical industry help us make innovations a continuous process!

born flame icon BORN developed the technology of the modern day heaters in the early part of 20th century.
bornflame 32 BORN developed the Vertical Cylindrical heater which was known as UP FLOW HEATER.
bornflame 32 BORN developed the castable refractory which was known in the industry as BORN MIX NO. 2.
bornflame 32 BORN developed the pyrolysis furnace for ethylene.
bornflame 32 BORN developed the specifications for different types of heaters for Born, Kellogg and Stone and Webster.
bornflame 32 BORN developed the specifications for different types of Steam Boilers, Heat Recovery Steam Generators and Hot Water Furnaces.
bornflame 32 BORN has supplied heaters all over the world since 1917.
bornflame 32 BORN heaters are operational under severe conditions in places like Alaska, North sea and Siberia.
bornflame 32 BORN has designed and constructed whole refineries at the early part of the industrial revolution in the Oil & Gas sector.
bornflame 32 Being the first to develop fully prefabricated direct fired heaters for chemical plants, BORN’s leadership remain unmatched in terms of Quality, Operational Efficiency, Innovative Designs, Cost-effectiveness and Ease of Installation & Commissioning.
bornflame 32 BORN has constructed Steam Boilers, Steam Super Heaters, Hot Water Furnaces and Waste Heat Boilers for Chemical Plants.
bornflame 32 BORN has supplied Hot water Furnaces for FPSO offshore applications.
bornflame 32 BORN has Designed Waste Heat Recovery units for offshore platforms and Steam methane Reformers, H2- Reformers and Heat Recovery Steam Generators.
bornflame 32 BORN supplied a fully assembled heater which was installed on an offshore platform by a single lift.
bornflame 32 BORN has supplied pollution control equipments to meet pollution standards of California.
bornflame 32 BORN’s latest innovation is the 3-Tier Sulfur Recovery Unit.