• Our Innovations & Contributions

    BORN is the world's leading authority in fired heater technology. It has been so for over 97 years since the inspirational and pioneering work of its founder, Dr. Sidney Born. What is widely practiced today the world over related to fired heaters, originated from BORN. Our continued concentration on process heaters and furnaces for the petrochemical industry help us make innovations a continuous process! BORN developed the technology of the modern day heaters in the early part of 20th century. BORN developed the Vertical Cylindrical heater which was known as UP FLOW HEATER. BORN developed the castable refractory which was Read More
  • Pre-Fab Heaters

    The BORN "Pre-fab" heater is a tough, versatile unit that is shipped in completely assembled modules. It is available either with horizontal tubes or vertical tubes. The prefabricated and preassembled heater was developed in response to a demand for a process heater which could be shipped as a single entity or in modules or sections ready for field assembly. Units are available in sizes ranging from 200,000 BTU/hr to 500,000,000 BTU/hr. The unique feature of the Born "Prefab" heater is that it arrives at the job-site as completely preassembled units. This feature reduces field construction costs to the absolute minimum Read More
  • Burner Management Systems

    A BMS, or Burner Management System, for a fired heater is a skid mounted valve, piping, and logic safety system used to control when fuel gas is allowed to flow to the heater burners and pilots. It's about your equipment and your employees. Keep them SAFE! Safe startup of fired heaters is a function of properly following established procedures for purging, pilot ignition and main burner operation. Born Environmental's affiliation with Born, Inc., a renowned heater company for ninety seven years, gives us unparalleled insight in how to best accomplish this. Read More
  • Selective Catalytic Reducers

    Three main strategies for reducing NOx emissions NOx reduction technology for fired heaters has focused on three recognized mechanisms for NOx formation in flames. The mechanisms are known by the following terms: Thermal NOx Prompt NOx Fuel NOx The technology for NOx reduction via combustion focuses on one or more of the following strategies: Reduce peak temperatures of the flame zone. Reduce gas residence time in the flame zone. Reduce oxygen concentration in the flame zone. Read More
  • Sulfur Recovery Units

    BORN is proud to announce the recent completion of fabrication and shipping of two 3-Tier Sulfur Recovery Units. These units were fabricated to the client's approved Inspection and Test Plan covering the relevant ASME Codes and Standards and were fully complied with the Department of Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA). The 3-Tier Sulphur Recovery Unit™ conceptualized and designed by BORN recently, exemplifies BORN's continuing leadership in innovations when it comes to meeting client's requirements without compromising on process efficiency, quality standards and on-time delivery. Read More
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Welcome to BORN

Founded in 1917, Born is the world's leading authority in fired heater technology.  It has been so for over 99 years, ever since the pioneering work of the founder of the company, Dr. Sidney Born.  He was born in 1889, received his Ph.D. in 1913, and went on to develop a new thermal oil cracking process which launched his reputation in the petro-chemical industry.  The third generation also remain heavily involved in the company's outstanding progress.  

Born is now headed by its CEO, Dr. Sidney Born Jr., the grandson of the founder.

Born's continued concentration on process heaters and furnaces for the petro-chemical industry is the real strength of the company.  It engineers, manufactures, inspects, installs and commissions heaters and furnaces in addition to providing ongoing advice to the industry.

Needless to say, BORN's reputation is second to none. 

Born's export markets include Latin America/Caribbean, Africa, Middle East, Asia, Australia, Europe, Canada, Mexico and other countries.